Syrinx – 700 x 25 Weltex+


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The new SYRINX WELTEX+ features a unique anti penetration textile inside the carcass of the tyre. This extremely light and flexible material allows significantly increased puncture resistance without compromise, thanks to material advances and ever developing technologies in construction and bonding at Mitas. At just 235g for the 25c casing this tyre is at home on the race track as it is out in the mountains on your local loop.

Weltex+ is produced from a special cross-polymer textile placed between the tread and the carcass. This increases the puncture resistance of the tyre due to its high strength and density properties. Additionally PA 6.6 increases the rigidity and strength of the tyre crown, decreasing drag while maintaining the excellent adhesive properties of the SMC compound.

Technical Specifications:
Size: 700 x 25c
Weight: 250g
Bead: Aramide Foldable
TPI: 127
Compound: Silica Medium Compound


SMC: A special tread compound with admixture of activated silica produces extremely low drag, supreme adhesive properties, and long durability. Intended for high performance applications and for use in universal conditions where it shows excellent adhesion on wet surfaces. This compound also shows very stable properties at lower temperatures for high performance in cold racing conditions.