Arrow – 700 x 25 Weltex+


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The Mitas Arrow is designed for both racing and training purposes thanks to it’s high thread count and light weight, but also Mitas’ special Weltex+ fabric which protects against puncture without compromising on suppleness and speed:

The Arrow features a 127 TPI casing for ultra pliable feel and maximum adhesion over all road surfaces. Weltex fabric covers the bead ensuring resistance against rough rim finishes on carbon rim shoulders. Weltex+ textile covers the entire tread and sidewall area for ultra durability, cut and puncture resistance.

Technical Specifications:
Weight: 25c – 230g
Bead: Aramide Foldable
TPI: 127
Compound: Silica Medium Compound
Protection: Weltex+ – Anti abrasion and anti puncture textile from bead to bead


SMC: A special tread compound with admixture of activated silica produces extremely low drag, supreme adhesive properties, and long durability. Intended for high performance applications and for use in universal conditions where it shows excellent adhesion on wet surfaces. This compound also shows very stable properties at lower temperatures for high performance in cold racing conditions.