The SYRINX ‘Punctures Fear’ features a special anti penetration textile inside the carcass of the tyre. This extremely light and flexible material gives┬ásignificantly increased puncture resistance without compromise.

  • Rolling 90%
  • Dry 90%
  • Wet 95%
  • Puncture Resistance 95%


Weighing in at 185g this tyre is designed to turn your bike into a rocket ship. Designed for racing purposes this tyre will handle all your high performance demands.

  • Rolling 100%
  • Dry 100%
  • Wet 90%
  • Puncture Resistance 80%


ARROW – coming Spring 2016

All new road tyre from Mitas. All we can tell you is that it’s fast, it’s light and you’ll be seeing a lot of it this summer!

  • Secret 100%
  • Excitment 100%